Toll Booth Lady

Otherwise, she was basically a stranger to me. As the arm went up and I drove through the gate, I felt calm for the first time on the 10-hour drive. Maybe it was the view of the vast bay ahead of me. Maybe it was something that had just happened behind me. I took one last look back in the mirror to see Toll Booth Lady with her outstretched hand, fully engaged with the next car in line… The road trip home, wherever home is, should always a long lane of memories. For John this drive from Atlanta, GA back up north to his hometown of Berlin, MD certain is one such voyage. He would often call ahead along the way and let his parents know about how his long drive was going. Ride along and you’ll find that sometimes the journey is better if you pay a small toll along the way.

Video by Marsh Deane Music: “Lost Highway” by Gabriel Lewis, “Fiery Lake” by Roy Williams