Hello Friends,

I’m pleased to announce the completion of my first book, Tales of the Tide. As most of you know I have a deep passion for the coast having grown up on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and having lived on the Carolina coast until moving to Atlanta in 2000. The 128-page coffee table book is a combination of personal experiences, interesting characters, regional recipes, how-to’s, and coastal history.


The book offers a unique combination of essays, original artwork, photography and videography (via QR Codes) for an immersive experience with the people and places of the coast from the Chesapeake to the Lowcountry.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 9.5 cm
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The Clam Dance Print, Marsh Flower Print, Toll Booth Lady Print

Tales of the Tide

Experiencing the Southeastern Coast through Essays, Artwork, Photography & Video in a 128 page 12 in x 9.5-inch coffee-table book. Book is now available!

Travel to places “where land mingles with the sea, where pristine marshlands are puzzled by winding creeks, where hidden bays are painted by the sun and jeweled by the moon, where threads of barrier coastline connect stories of the Atlantic. Places that breathe in the nourishing ocean tide and breath out an abundance of fascinating life born in shallow nurseries; places that have taught me and held me and always welcome me back home.”

Tales of the Tide is a collection of essays about living and loving Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the Carolina Lowcountry. In a book that is part humor, part nostalgia and reverence, and part instruction
in living the coastal experience to its fullest, essayist John Milton Pruitt shares a lifetime of stories, tall tales, advice, and recipes in this unique volume sure to please both coastal dwellers and those experiencing this world for the first time.