Causeway Bridge

“Every time I cross that Causeway Bridge, I can feel my blood pressure lowering a bit” – John Milton Pruitt John moved to Atlanta in 1994 to pursue a career and raise his family, but his heart never left the shoreline. Over the years it has become a Pruitt tradition to make the journey “home”; to the cottage in Garden City, SC that he has held onto for so many years. This road trip is full of memories and pit-stops, from the fast life of the big city, through the rural countryside, and on to South Carolina’s Grand Strand. We hope that as you make your passage to that shore you hold so dear, roll down your window as you cross that causeway bridge. Breathe in that salt air and feel time slow down just a bit.

Video by Marsh Deane Music: “I’m Comin’ Home” by Scott Panther