Crab Man

All sorts of people make their living out in the marsh. The Crab Man can be found in any seaside fishing village or port. Usually at the helm of a crusty beat up skiff with crab pots piled high. The Crab Man is as windblown, salt crusted, and weathered as any piece of drift wood you can find. While the Blue Crabs are in season, the Crab Man will be out in the creeks, pulling up pots and throwing them back out again. Harvesting these delicious crustaceans to supply restaurants and crab boils up and down our coasts. For these sorts of men and women, the salt air and brand green expanse of marshland is much more than a living, it’s their way of life. Next time you find yourself in a seaside village, look out for the Crab Man. Maybe you can get his price on some fresh Blue Crabs straight from the marsh.

Video by Marsh Deane Music: “Sustained Hope” by Martin Gauffin