Croppers Island

There is a whole world to decoy carving and collecting that you never even knew about. Most know that duck decoys are used by hunters around the world to lure birds into range. This method of hunting has gone back thousands of years, and today the collection of antique decoys is huge amongst sportsman and hunters. Roe “Duc Man” Terry is one of the finest decoy craftsman around today, whose decoys sell for thousands a piece. Carvers like Roe use their decoys to hunt over, but have become known for the artistic craftsmanship they put into each bird. Roe tells his story, over 50 years of carving and learning from the great master carvers of the eastern shore.

Video by Marsh Deane Music: “Generations” by Every Echo, “As you make the bed” by Amos Noah, “Follow Me” by Wild Horse, “Rhythum of the River” by J.F. Gloss, “I Can’t Sleep” by Mr. Kent & Ruby Red